Croatia Wedding Photographer

Croatia Wedding Photographer

We love our job to the Moon and back and nothing makes us happier than seeing our couples scream with excitement when they finally get to see their photos. The sparks in their eyes when they realize that they too, can look good in photos. Their catchy energy fuelled by pure happiness when they get to reflect back on their day and know that these memories we provided them with will always bring back those joyful feelings. We truly consider ourselves the lucky ones to be a part of so many glorious stories! With all that in mind we have collected some questions here to help you get a better grasp of what we do and how we do it. Read on and let us know if you have any other questions!

What are your prices?

Everyone’s most burning question! 🙂 Well, each wedding is different so there’s no fixed formula. We prefer individual approach because you totally deserve our undivided attention. With that being said, get in touch with us and let us know more about your awesome wedding plans! That way we can chat about pricing options to make them fit your needs.   

How many weddings do you cover?

We love what we do and that means we’ll always favor quality over quantity. Shooting weddings requires much of our energy since we’re careful not to miss out on any important moment, as well as the post processing that usually follows. That’s why we only book limited number of weddings a year and preferably do only one wedding per week. Your story is important and we need to make sure we’re rested and focused in order to provide you a timely delivery of your incredible wedding experience. 

Do you do video?

We don’t do video but we have worked with some amazing videographers that we’re happy to recommend you!

How do we book you?

As soon as you decide that you want us to reserve your date we’ll send you an agreement with payment details. Once the retainer is paid your date is firmly secured! Piece of cake! 🙂

How many photos will we get from our wedding day?

We don’t like to give out a specific number since we’re not shooting for quantity but rather quality. Because of this, the images you receive will vary. We typically deliver 400-600 images per wedding although we’ve had cases when we delivered even over a thousand photos. It mostly depends on the type of wedding and number of guests. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best images from your day that will fully tell the story from beginning to end.

Do we get the copyright to our photos?

When hiring us, you are actually authorizing us to document your day and produce artistic work. That means that our images, your wedding photos, are creative works, not just the result of pressing a button. So, in short, we own the copyright. That means that you nor anyone else don’t get to sell our images, re-edit them in any way (even Instagram filter!) or give them to vendors (florist, restaurant, bridal dress shop, etc.) without our permission. We want to avoid seeing our hard work altered in a way that doesn’t showcase our brand in the right light. Hopefully you understand this because that’s the reason you’re hiring us in the first place. That being said, this doesn’t mean that you, as a client, don’t have any rights. You absolutely can and are allowed to print photos, share them with family and friends, make your own wedding album, put them on social media (tagging us would be nice! 😉 ), etc. And if anyone contacts you regarding our work just send them our way and we’ll carry on from there.

How long does it take to receive the final images?

We typically deliver digital images as well as all printed books within 60 working days after the wedding. We also provide few sneak peeks in days following your wedding 🙂

Do you deliver RAWs?

No, we don’t. A RAW file is one of the ingredients involved in creating your final image. It is also a huge part of our brand. Besides, aren’t you hiring us for a peace of mind that the final edit is exactly what you want because you see it on our website?

Do you Photoshop images?

No, we don’t. Our image editing includes color correction, resizing, blemish removal and cropping. We don’t do any hard retouching like making you look skinnier or removing whole bunch of objects from photos such as cars or people. We are not Photoshop experts. We are experts at catching moments, good lighting and choosing a great background. We make sure to get your best angles and do the best we can in camera to get the most flattering photos of you. Our aim is to keep your images as natural as possible; what you see on the website, if you like it, is what you receive. 

Do you meet people before booking?

We do, whenever it’s possible. We care about who you are as people and want to know more about you so meeting up over a coffee is a great way to do that! If that’s not possible due to distance or schedules we can always arrange Skype or Facetime. 

What if we don’t want our photos to be shared online?

We can totally arrange that! However, social media and our website is part of how we market and how we get business to be able to keep shooting awesome weddings such as yours! That being said, sharing photos is super important to us. We don’t want to turn away couple madly in love. We just have to pay bills and make a living alongside our passion for photography. So, if you truly don’t want to have your photos anywhere online, let us know and we will figure something out on a case by case basis.

What happens if you get sick or can’t show up to our wedding? 

In the unlikely event (force majeure) that the both of us happen to be unable to shoot your awesome wedding experience we will secure a replacement photographer, someone we know, similar to our style and whom we previously worked with. We will absolutely take care of you. There’s no way we could leave you high and dry! Also, in that case all the images would be edited and delivered by us to keep the style and feel that you hired us for in the first place.

My other half doesn’t like being photographed, is that okay?

Would you believe us, if we told you, that we don’t like it either?! Most of us aren’t models and don’t know exactly how to pose nor act in front of a camera. That’s okay. We’ll guide you through and navigate the whole process. Almost like a director directing a film. Consider it a walk in a park, literally. It will feel more like catching up with old friends than a chore you need to get over with. Our job is to make sure we have all the nice photos and all the right angles. It’s your wedding, after all! There’s no re-do. 

What happens if it rains?

Glad you’ve asked! Rain is such an awesome opportunity to have unique and spectacular wedding photos! Don’t worry too much about it, just embrace it 🙂 We won’t ask you to get drenched during your portraits, of course. Normally we carry an umbrella in such case or find a nice roofed place. Summer downpours usually pass quickly so we can always wait it out. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see a rainbow!

Have you ever shot at our venue before?

A huge part of our job as your wedding photographer is to walk into a room and immediately know the most flattering light, angles, and composition. For these reasons, it makes little difference whether or not we have shot at a venue before, because the best photos are completely dependent on the light, setting, and timing of the current moment. However, we love being familiar with our venues so if it is one we haven’t shot at before, we will always show up early to scout locations for your photos.

What is the best time for our solo session?

An hour after sunrise 🙂 or an hour before the sunset, so called “golden hour.” The lighting is just inexplicably gorgeous! We understand that it’s not always possible to set apart an hour or two just for your couples photos but please keep this in mind while planning and try to find at least 15-20mins during this time frame. We capture many images during the rest of the day and harsh lighting so if you opt for the golden hour you’ll certainly be able to see the difference in your photos! You’ll thank us later 😉

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes we do! We offer it as a complementary shoot in one of our wedding packages or as a stand alone photoshoot. We are in love with engagement sessions and seriously can’t have enough of them. If you don’t like the idea, you don’t have to do it but we encourage you to use this opportunity to get used on having your photos taken before the big day. Having this casual one on one session can help you relax and loosen up in front of camera and after you see your photos and how great you actually turned out to look, you’ll feel much more confident on your wedding day.

Do you offer photo books?

Yes! We offer large and small books, for yourself as well as your family. Wedding photos shouldn’t live on a phone or computer screen. They need to be printed! Seeing your special day summed up in a custom designed photo book allows you to relive those moments every time you open up the pages. 

Can I add on to package later and start with the basics?

Of course! As long as your date is secured we can always work out the details later in the process. 

Do you shoot weddings outside your country?

Absolutely! We don’t mind traveling and would certainly love to shoot your destination wedding. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any international work!

Do you always work together? 

We do! Unless one of us gets sick and is unable to work. We can shoot weddings solo but we definitely prefer to work as a team and that’s how we function most of the time. 

Do you charge any travel fees?

It depends on a wedding venue. We don’t charge anything within 50km. After that we charge it on a case by case basis. 

Can we request specific shots we would like to have? Do you ever work off a shot list?

Although we are the artists and we want you to trust us, we still want to hear your vision and know what’s important to you. The more we know, the better we can be on the lookout what to capture. If you want as many photos as possible of your guests dancing and having a good time, we will make a mental note of that. On the other hand, specific or requested photos such as screen shot ideas, Pinterest boards, Instagram or Facebook feeds, other photographers work or similar cannot be guaranteed. We certainly do our best to accommodate your wishes and have that in mind while shooting your wedding, but we also don’t walk around with a list and check it off. We need to be attentive to what’s happening around us so we can do our work and tell your story our way, the sole reason why you hired us 🙂