This is us!


Hello there! We are Alex & Slavica, husband and wife wedding photography team coming from the small town of Karlovac in Croatia. The two of us share an apartment with our cat, Sian. We can’t imagine starting our mornings without Slavica’s birthday present meowing and jumping around asking us to feed him. We are simple people trying to live this God-given life as well as we can. We enjoy little things and celebrate the smallest victories. We believe that true love bears, believes, hopes and endures all things. We also believe that marriage is the strongest bond on this planet that man and woman can make. Capturing those sweet real life moments is what makes our hearts pump faster. It’s a privilege and deep honor to get to document one of the greatest days in life of people who love each other and decide to commit their all to one another. Also, we love all things from Ikea; their creative solutions make us fangirl.


I  am a bookish girl, coffee addict and a music lover. It’d be awesome if reading could pay bills! It can’t, tough, so I opted for my second love: photography. Creating images filled with emotions makes me reeaaaally happy. Coffee and good music are a must when it comes to post processing and editing because, trust me, I don’t stop till every bone in my body starts hurting. Nothing short of perfect will do! Also, not that it matters, but blue is my favorite color. I love its every shade. Though lately I’ve been falling in love with yellow as well…


I am a retired bmx rider. In wedding photography, I like to get up close and personal to capture the mood and feelings. Riding a bike taught me determination and persistence. I will do all it takes to get that perfect shot that will help you remember your big day even better. I am not much of a talker, tough, but I hope you’ll allow me to compensate my lack of words with images I’ll take.



Little something about Sian (our cat):
He’s our only fur baby (for now)! It’s real fun having him around. We love him so much though his personality is really something else. He’s such a timid cat afraid of noises and sudden moves that we still find it hard to believe how frightened he can become at times. Flies, night butterflies and similar flying creatures are his favorite so it’s pretty common to see him jump out of his bed all of a sudden and start running after his target although he was in deep sleep just a second ago. He also loves to wake us up in the morning by licking and biting our toes. That usually happens too early for our idea of morning so we pretty much kick him out of the room where he stays happily until later, when he hears us talking. That’s when the meowing starts because how dare we to talk without involving him in the conversation!